Team building: strengthen your team’s cohesion

Camargue et Voile
strengthen your team’s cohesion

Bespoke team building day

Motivate your team and strengthen their ties by organising a team building day on the Lucile 2 catamaran. Take to the seas along the Mediterranean coast and organise bespoke events for the day and/or evening.
Create your bespoke team building day
Hiring a boat for team building, event will provide you with a multitude of event options to strengthen the ties and create cohesion between your team.

You will have free reign over the events which include water-based activities or dry themed stands on the catamaran’s deck. The Lucile 2 catamaran and its partner offer you thrilling maritime activities to strengthen the cohesion of your team Jet-skiing, parasailing, multisport challenges, Olympic games, etc.

You are in charge of deciding the course of your day. Our team will help you to organise a company meeting modelled on a conference in the morning, and then take part in the team building activities in the afternoon.
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